Thursday, 10 March 2011

Tshirt Design Ideas for Asda (2010)

This project was to produce 6 Tshirt Designs for "George" at the Asda shopping centre. The T-shirt designs were for Men - "Lads/Dads/Grandads" and we were given three design trends to choose from. I chose "Heavy Metal/Barbarian". This is my take on the brief, I really enjoyed designing these illustrations, i felt that i could have kept drawing the design over and over again.

This is probably my favourite design, and favourite Tshirt out of the whole project..

Jazz Singers Outcome.

Here is the outcome of some earlier CAD experiments with my illustrations of vintage jazz singers.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Here are some Illustrations of the "Veiltail" Fish, the final outcome was an informative book, that I havn't got on my hardrive here in Leicester. The final is at home in London.
I will upload the original images now - AND upload the book when i am home in April.
So watch this space!

Here's a sneaky preview of what to expect in the final outcome....

Buffalo and Pig - Editorial Design.

Here is an Illustration I designed for an newspaper article from the "Metro" newspaper's website, under the not so conventional article section.

uploading o'clock.

I have decided that today is the day, i'm going to upload my back up of work.
Hopefully this will inspire me, to be an avid blogger and teach me to not leave it so long!
Fingers crossed, Enjoy xxxx

Starters - Some CAD "People In Context" Illustrations